$1200.00 per day Creative Fee, plus usage charges based on extent and value

$1000.00 per day for locally based clients, including generous local usage rights (see Terms and Conditions Below for 3rd Party use.)

($125/hour, for less than full day, or time beyond full day)

$25.00 per image post production (images that have been selected for delivery)

$35.00 Digital Delivery Fee, either disk or internet

$125.00 per hour for digital manipulation/retouching as necessary.

Usage pricing link for existing images

$62.50 per hour for travel, from 1500 X Street, Sacramento, or my office in Winters, which ever is closer.


AND (with either)



Our Standard Terms & Conditions

This document outlines our standard terms and conditions, and is an agreement between Dave Adams Photography and

the commissioning client only. Unless Multiple-Client (cost-sharing) terms have been mutually agreed upon prior to the

commencement of the assignment, any and all 3rd party uses must be separately licensed and may be granted only by the



Once a assignment has been agreed upon and confirmed by both parties, Client is required and agrees to pay a retainer equal to

50% of the total quoted production/creative fee (as well all photographer incurred travel expenses)  prior to the actual commencement of the assignment. This retainer is required, as Dave Adams Photography will refuse any other assignments for the date(s) confirmed. The balance will be invoiced upon completion of assignment to Client and will be payable  Net 30-days. Late payments are subject to a 2% per month late fee.


If Client cancels within 4 business days of the scheduled start of the assignment (or first travel day), or we are unable to shoot

through no fault of Dave Adams Photography, then Client agrees to pay 1/2 of the quoted photography fee plus any

expenses incurred by photographer (such as non-refundable tickets or reservations).

Client representation on day of shoot;

If the client, or client’s representative can not, or chooses not to be present at the time of the shoot to approve tests, the

photographer’s work will be deemed as acceptable.

Out-of-town location shoots;  Defined as travel in excess of 100 miles one-way from our offices. Client will provide (or

reimburse) the photographer and photographer’s assistant (if applicable); round-trip air transportation unless assignment is

better served by utilizing the photographer's vehicle (in which case customary mileage and fuel charges apply), on site

transportation, accommodations, while  on a remote location. A flat per diem expense reimbursement is also acceptable in lieu of

Client arranging and prepaying lodging if requested. Client agrees to reimburse photographer for any travel related out-of-pocket

expenses that has not been provided by client and that will be itemized on final invoice.

Inclement Weather while on out-of-town location;

Weather-delay days are typically billed at $500.00/Day for the photographer, and $200.00/Day per Assistant plus all on-site

expenses (or the agreed upon per diem).

Standard Image Licensing /  Editorial submissions / 3rd party usage;

Dave Adams as the copyright holder, grants upon full payment of invoice for the assignment, a non-exclusive, non-

transferable license of usage rights to Client, as defined herewith:

Client is licensed to use images for customary self-promotional activities such as inclusion on clients own website, client portfolio,

advertisements in trade publications, local magazines, internal documents, and for typical press releases. Client may also submit

images for industry-type awards, however we will adhere to the AIA/ASMP awards submission guidelines and licensing.

While we strongly encourage and support our clients in seeking editorial exposure, editorial use licensing can only be granted by

the photographer.

This standard license does not include commercial usage such as national advertising campaigns in consumer magazines,

product packaging, billboards, or any type of “broadcasting” through electronic media (including TV and on non-company

websites like YouTube, Flickr or other "share" type sites).  Licensing for such commercial uses are available, but under separate


Again, this license may not be re-sold, re-assigned, sub-licensed, or otherwise shared with any 3rd party for any reason.

Multi-Party Licensing / Cost Sharing;

It is common during architectural assignments that multiple parties may have use for images, and as such we encourage cost-

sharing whenever possible. Any cost-sharing assignments must be arranged before the start of the assignment, and each party

will need to sign an individual licensing agreement.

During a cost-sharing assignment, the production/creative fee is divided equally among the participating clients, while the

licensing fees are based on each client’s individual needs.

Any party wanting use of the images after date of production, will need to obtain a separate license from photographer, at

standard stock- image licensing rates.

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